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Dedicated To Making A Difference In The World Today For The Betterment of The Breed Tomorrow

Welcome To The Dogue de Bordeaux Health Foundation of America - The People's Choice For Breed Betterment

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Maintaing and Improving The Overall Health of The Dogue de Bordeaux aka French Mastiff

Mission Statement

Our Vision:

We envision a better world for the breed.

Our Mission:

To improve the lives of the breed and people through advocacy, education and support.


Our Tagline:

Dedicated To Making A Difference In The World Today For The Betterment of The Breed Tomorrow

Whether your dog is healthy or affected by a disease, the amount of information available on canine health can be overwhelming to the general public. We want to help you make sense of it all with factual disease descriptions, genetic test information, breed specific health concerns and more.

We're exclusively interested in issues relating to studying and improving breed's health. Our goal is obtaining participation in research from owners, potential owners, breeders, exhibitors, scientists and veterinarians globally regardless of their political affiliations or lack thereof.

Our work and passion is in a variety of key areas:

Educational Health Seminars

Encourage participation in Dogue de Bordeaux Health Surveys

Encourage the use of Health Tests

Grants and Health Research Sponsorship

Encourage participation in open health registries by sharing test results results and statistics, both positive and negative through The Orthopedic Foundation For Animals and Canine Health Information Center (CHIC) in located in America

Promote Health Clinics for affordable and convenient health testing

Promote DNA Profiling for the integrity of pedigrees

Promote Microchipping/Tattoo for the integrity of pedigrees

Promote Blood Banking for future health research

Fundraising Events and Activities

Stand With Us, Work With Us So We Can Build A Better Future For The Dogue de Bordeaux

From The Desk of The DNA Committee

The DNA Committee is asking that all owners and breeders contact their Kennel Club for DNA Kits to profile their companions and breeding stock. We encourage all breeders to have their puppies DNA Profiled and Microchipped before placing in new homes. Below you will find some common links for more information.

Please get your dogues permanently identified. Permanent identification may be in the form of microchip or tattoo.

What is DNA Profiling?

Each dog has a unique DNA signature that we call its DNA profile or fingerprint, which can be likened to a biological microchip because each DNA profile is unique to an individual dog. The DNA profile can therefore be used to uniquely identify a particular dog. Unlike the microchip, however, the DNA profile can provide more information than this. Since a dog inherits half of its DNA from its dam and the other from its sire, this means that half of a dog’s DNA profile is inherited from its dam and the other half from its sire. Therefore we can also use a dog’s DNA profile to verify that its registered parents are in fact its biological parents, provided DNA profiles are available from both parents.

Thus a DNA profile can be used to identify an individual dog for life and that profile can also be compared to its parents’ profiles to verify parentage.

AKC DNA Profile Program

United Kennel Club

The Kennel Club

Special Note: If you have a location in your country that supplies DNA Kits please email us the link to their website so we can add them to the list.

Click Image for more information for AVA's Microchip Program

Australian Veterinary Association

Click Image for more information for Petlog's Microchip Program

European Pet Network

Canine Lymphoma

Canine Lymphoma (also called Lymphosarcoma) is the most common type of cancer to affect dogs. Canine Lymphoma is defined as the occurrence of malignant tumors in a dog's organs, usually in the lymph nodes, liver, or spleen. Canine Lymphoma can also be present in the digestive tract, as well as in the eyes and skin.

For More Information click Pawstrong Banner to be directed to their website.

Click Photo For Dogue de Bordeaux Breed Standard

Special Thanks To The Following Kennels For Allowing us to use photos of their Beloved Dogues. Jerivindi Show Kennels, Dog's Land Kennel, Burdemo's Ranch, TT VIC's Big Bold Beautiful Bordeaux and van de Madroelhoeve

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